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The bold, unmistakable flavor of 100% quality beef combined with the perfect amount of delicious and spirited seasonings will capture your senses and take them on a wild ride in every mouth-watering bite of Renner Corner Meats’ 100% natural beef jerky.

This protein-packed snack is the result of our family-owned operation hand-crafting only the finest meat products for over 70 years that are never processed, ground, or pressed, giving you a naturally lean blast of tasty and satisfying beef jerky. Grab a handful and discover the Renner Corner difference for yourself.

Renner Corner Meats History in South Dakota


For 40 years, Renner Corner Jerky has been the best-kept secret in southeast South Dakota, only being discovered by locals in Renner and those passing through our small town on road trips. Now after years of folks encouraging us to share our never-processed, hand-crafted jerky with the rest of the United States, we are doing just that!

Introducing Renner Corner Jerky, a delicious snack that is now available online and shipped fresh across the country. We are excited for you to try our famous recipes made locally in Renner, South Dakota.


I really like the people that work there and they are always friendly about everything you ask. They also have the best meats. I’ve always enjoyed their beef jerky mmmmm….kinda like a potato chip, can't just eat one piece. Anytime you're out this way, stop in and check them out. You wont be disappointed.


Great service, fresh meat. Recently our non-profit organization had a “liver feed” and the great people from Renner Corner Locker donated all the liver we needed. As the Sioux Falls area gets larger it is nice to know there is still neighborly people like this around.

Chane V.

Their products are great. Very clean and friendly service! Jerky, cheese sticks, bacon, hamburger - awesome! I'm so happy that my sister and brother-in-law live real close to Renner Corner! I live in Minnesota and every chance I get I love to stop in and pick something up!

Johnny A.

Excellent quality, great staff and attention to detail. You can't find butchers like this anymore.

Nathaniel P.

Long time customer of Renner Locker. Excellent meat selection! Marinated chicken breasts are delicious not to mention the size of small turkey breasts, feeds two pretty easily. The jerky speaks for itself and is worth every dime. Grew up in the family locker and Renner Locker brings back great memories and some familiar flavors as well!

Leah K.

Beef Jerky Made in South Dakota


For 40 years our beef jerky has been kept secret to only the amazing people of our local town Renner, South Dakota and those who pass through on road trips. After years and years of

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